Auditor’s report 8/14 – 8/22/2016

August 23, 2016
Unique or out of the ordinary events for the given time period. – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor


  • Election Services (ES) had processed 2,620 absentee ballot requests (ABR) on 8/10 with another 1500 ABRs in queue. On the same date in 2012, ES had processed 4,497 ABRs.
  • Reviewed email from Secretary of the Linn County Republican Party asking an assistant county attorney about the cancellation of a voter registration challenge hearing.
  • Exchanged emails with FairVote re instant runoff voting (IRV) in State of Iowa. Iowa’s election laws do not allow IRV.


  • Claims without itemized receipts from employees are becoming an issue once again after I initially addressed the issue about nine years ago. An assistant county attorney (ACA) told the Board of Supervisors that the Board should be approving claims without receipts even though the Board’s policy indicates the Auditor should not process claims without itemized receipts. ACA did not have an itemized receipt for an airline baggage fee; however, he did present his credit card statement – not an itemized receipt – as proof of payment of the baggage fee. Board later approved the payment of the claim; henceforth, Auditor’s Office (AO) will process all claims without itemized receipts for the Board to scrutinize. Accounts Payable in AO was following direction of former deputy auditor who on 6/17/2013 wrote: 
    331.504(8) File for presentation to the board all unliquidated claims against the county and all claims for fees or compensation, except salaries fixed by state law. The claims, before being audited or paid, shall be itemized to clearly show the basis of the claim and whether for property sold or furnished for services rendered or for another purpose. An action shall not be brought against the county relating to a claim until the claim is filed as provided in this subsection and the payment refused or neglected. Per Andy Nielsen, Deputy State Auditor:   the following code section applies to sheriff’s deputies but is recommended for all employees. 70A.13 “Particulars required by county board. The board of supervisors shall not approve any claim for mileage or other traveling expenses presented by any peace officer including the sheriff and the sheriff’s deputies unless the destinations and number of miles covered in each trip are given, or, in the case of extended trips, unless railroad, hotel, and other traveling expenses, excepting meals, are verified by receipts.”
  • Traveled to Philadelphia, PA, for the Election Center’s 32nd Annual Conference.
  • Responded to an email questioning the safeguards in place so our voting system cannot get hacked and votes not altered.
  • Asked Board of Supervisors to approve the temporary appointment of a deputy auditor to handle a voter registration challenge hearing. Board discussed, but removed item from further agendas until Secretary of State’s Office could be queried for advice.


  • Asked voter outreach coordinator to determine if Election Services should participate in upcoming Latino Festival scheduled for 9/18/2016.
  • Reviewed email from Election Services to local union who had requested use of voting machines to be used for a union election. ES provided list of private vendors who could meet the needs of a local union needing to conduct an internal election. Due to the nature of the current environment surrounding elections, I have decided that our election equipment will not be rented to non-government agencies or entities.
  • Decided the order for parties and non-political organizations on the November ballot. If I am the Auditor in 2018, the opposite order will be on the 2018 November ballot.
  • 9am – 4:30pm – Attended Election Center Class #29 – Using Surveys, Focus Groups, and Polling to Collect Information to Help Election Professionals.


  • Confirmed Board of Supervisors has until 5pm on 8/31/2016 to add/change/remove ballot language for the November General Election per:
    331.306 Petitions of eligible electors. If a petition of the voters is authorized by this chapter, the petition is valid if signed by eligible electors of the county equal in number to at least ten percent of the votes cast in the county for the office of president of the United States or governor at the preceding general election, unless otherwise provided by state law. The petition shall include the signatures of the petitioners, a statement of their place of residence, and the date on which they signed the petition. Petitions authorized by this chapter shall be filed with the board of supervisors not later than eighty-two days before the date of the general election if the question is to be voted upon at the general election. If the petition is found to be valid, the board of supervisors shall, not later than sixty-nine days before the general election, notify the county commissioner of elections to submit the question to the registered voters at the general election.
  • Reviewed email exchange between deputy commissioner of elections and Marion’s city clerk re changing City of Marion’s charter via a question on the November General Election ballot. The petitioners appear to have 575 signatures and 505 signatures are needed per:
    372.11 Amendment to charter. A home rule charter may be amended by one of the following methods: 1. The council, by resolution, may submit a proposed amendment to the voters at a special city election, and the proposed amendment becomes effective if approved by a majority of those voting.  2. The council, by ordinance, may amend the charter. However, within thirty days of publication of the ordinance, if a petition valid under the provisions of section 362.4 is filed with the council, the council must submit the ordinance amendment to the voters at a special city election, and the amendment does not become effective until approved by a majority of those voting.  3. If a petition valid under the provisions of section 362.4 is filed with the council proposing an amendment to the charter, the council must submit the proposed amendment to the voters at a special city election, and the amendment becomes effective if approved by a majority of those voting.  362.4 Petition of eligible electors.  If a petition of the voters is authorized by the city code, the petition is valid if signed by eligible electors of the city equal in number to ten percent of the persons who voted at the last preceding regular city election, but not less than ten persons, unless otherwise provided by state law. The petition shall include the signatures of the petitioners, a statement of their place of residence, and the date on which they signed the petition. The petition shall be examined before it is accepted for filing. If the petition appears valid on its face it shall be accepted for filing. If it lacks the required number of signatures it shall be returned to the petitioner. Petitions which have been accepted for filing are valid unless written objections are filed with the city clerk within five working days after the petition is received. The objection process in section 44.8 shall be followed.
  • Responded to inquiry from NACO (National Association of Counties) via Supervisor Houser re threats or attacks on Linn County’s voting systems. Answer = none at this time.
  • 8am – 11am – Continued attending Election Center Class #29 – Using Surveys, Focus Groups, and Polling to Collect Information to Help Election Professionals.
  • Provided advocate for Friends of Cedar Lake with voter registration statistics, e.g., 58% of Linn County’s registered voters reside within the City of Cedar Rapids.


  • Asked deputy commissioner of elections about our military voters’ perception on whether their vote gets counted on Election Day? Per FVAP, nation-wide, 67% of military voters do NOT have confidence their votes get counted. Answer = we believe our military voters have high confidence; however, at present, we have no means to measure their perception.
  • Thomson Reuters, our vendor who supports Aumentum, our property tax system, suggested that the County Treasurer be allowed to post the annual tax list. Posting the tax list is a statutory duty of the County Auditor and I see no reason to change the process or lobby the Legislature to change the duty from the Auditor to the Treasurer.
  • Reviewed email exchange between deputy commissioner of elections and deputy Secretary of State indicating only the County Commissioner of Elections or his/her designee can preside over a voter registration challenge hearing. The SOS has no authority to hold a hearing. This information will be presented at a future Board of Supervisors meeting.
  • Attended keynote address, Legislative Update, The Dynamics of Administering the Presidential Elections, National Voter Registration Day, and Treating Voters Like Customers sessions at the Election Center Conference.


  • Attended Use of Technology in Election Administration, Handling Emergencies on Election Day, Presidential Election Preparation, and Your Election is Being Watched sessions at the Election Center Conference. Also visited with vendors who provide language translation services for elections, ES&S – our election equipment supplier, and a vendor who provides technology which can read petitions.
  • Exchanged emails with local US Attorney’s Office re clarification of federal statutes/guidelines related to voter accessibility.

8/22/2016 – At 4:30am, departed hotel in Philadelphia and traveled back to Cedar Rapids. Upon arrival at office, met with deputy auditors and reviewed/responded to email backlog.

Auditor’s report 8/8 – 8/12/2016

August 12, 2016
Unique or out of the ordinary events for the given time period. – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor


  • Annual Tax List electronically certified and posted by Auditor’s Office within Aumentum.
  • Started reviewing Fiscal Year 2016 related party transactions to be communicated to our outside audit firm for potential inclusion in the County’s annual financial report.
  • Reviewed Do You Enjoy Waiting In Line video that will be playing in the previews at local movie theaters urging residents to vote early in the upcoming general election.
  • Participated in the demonstration of a hotline product by NAVEX Global.



  • Set the date/time for an upcoming voter registration challenge hearing at 4pm on 8/25 in the Auditor/Recorder’s conference room in the PSC.
  • Contacted a legislator about requesting a determination from the Attorney General of Iowa.
  • Reviewed request from Mount Vernon Community School District to host a satellite voting station on 9/9 for an upcoming bond election being held on 9/13/2016.
  • Attended Board of Supervisors meeting and commented on the unreasonable out of pocket costs of using ambulance services in Linn County. Video posted here.
  • Participated in meeting with African community leaders, a representative of the Catherine McCauley Center, and the CEO of Diversity Focus at Diversity Focus re getting existing citizens and future citizens of the immigrant community engaged in voting.
  • Attended a webcast hosted by Gallup re employee engagement in local and state government.



  • Reviewed legal opinion on Instant Runoff Voting (IRV). Conclusion: IRV does not appear to be allowed under existing Iowa laws.
  • Attended Board of Supervisors meeting and commented on the lack of specifics in the ballot language for a $40M bond referendum going on the 11/8 general election ballot. See Gazette Linn County voters get say on water and land bond sale and video of meeting.



  • Voter Outreach Coordinator reported that 95 cell phone users have opted in for alerts from Elections Services. You can opt in by texting the keyword ELECTIONS to short code 21000.
  • Received email from constituent stating, “Yikes. How can you be right once again?” He was referring to Linn County voters get say on water and land bond sale.
  • Received request from the Linn County Republican Central Committee Secretary to provide poll watcher training.



  • Responded to last of numerous emails originating with the Treasurer’s Office re my certification of the tax list on 8/8. You can pay your property taxes due on 9/1/2016 at
  • Confirmed the following item was on the Board’s agenda for 8/15/2016: Discuss & decide on the temporary appointment of Mr. Tom Patterson of Hiawatha as Deputy Auditor for the purpose of conducting a voter registration challenge hearing on Mr. Antonio Esposito of Linn County.

Annual tax list compiled

August 5, 2016

At 6:49pm tonight, the annual tax list was compiled by the Auditor’s Office, which fulfilled one of the Auditor’s statutory duties.   

Next step:  the Linn County Treasurer receives the tax list and mails out tax bills to the 106,911 taxable parcels of real estate in Linn County.

Auditor’s report 7/29 – 8/5/2016

August 5, 2016
Unique or out of the ordinary events for the given time period. – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor


  • Voter ID Cards with General Election Information mailed to registered voters and arriving in mailboxes starting 7/29 – see–388591922.html
  • Reviewed email exchange between Deputy Commissioner of Elections and Board of Supervisors’ (BOS) Director of Policy & Administration re the petitions presented to the BOS to place the 5 to 3 Supervisor reduction issue on the ballot. For whatever reason, the BOS seems to be interested in reviewing the petitions for legal sufficiency when they already approved a resolution placing the reduction issue on the ballot.
  • Received copy of County Assessor’s 2016 Homestead Credit & Military Exemption Allowances & Disallowances recommendations to be approved by the BOS.


7/30/2016 (Saturday) – Called/escalated to Senior Manager at Thomson Reuters (TR) after being informed by Deputy Auditor that TR employees were not authorized to work after-hours/weekends to support Linn County in processing the annual tax list. See follow-up on 8/1.



  • Participated in Institute of Internal Auditors 2016 Midwest District Conference in Altoona. Attended the following sessions: The Internal Audit Evangelist (keynote #1), Selling Audit Ideas, Fraud Cases & Their Impact on Internal Auditors, Whistle-blower Hotline Best Practices, Fraud in the Virtual World, and Fraud in the Financial Services Industry.
  • Advised Accounts Payable to segregate and explain to the BOS a claim filed by an employee for reimbursement for preferred seating on an airline. On 8/3, the BOS DISapproved the claim.
  • TR (Aumentum) agreed to provide after-hours support to the Auditor’s Office in order to complete the Tax List the week of 8/1.


8/2/2016 – Participated in Institute of Internal Auditors 2016 Midwest District Conference in Altoona. Attended the following sessions:  The Accountant’s Duty of Due Diligence, Ethics in the Real World, Active Leadership (keynote #2), Fraud in Government, and Tone at the Top.



  • Hosted team meeting to review current priorities for the Auditor’s Office and to inform the team of preparations being made for the upcoming General Election.
  • Registered for a webcast sponsored by Gallup on the State of Local & State Government Workers’ Engagement in the USA to be held at 3pm on 8/9. Invited the BOS to connect, but received no response.
  • Joined a newly forming Meetup group called Cedar Rapids Law with the hope of improving the quality of documents used to process real estate transactions. Encouraged Real Estate Services employees to consider participating in the meetup.
  • Attended weekly Aumentum meeting and encouraged Supervisor Harris to attend the upcoming Aumentum User Groups Conference in Las Vegas to address on-going issues with Aumentum.



  • Monitored weekly TR (Aumentum) conference call for progress/updates concerning completion of Annual Tax List.
  • Discussion with local business owner re forming an Advisory Group to the Linn County Auditor for the purpose of recommending what to audit and/or what to bring to the attention of the BOS and other County officials.  Interested?  Contact me at 


  • Advised by the Deputy Commissioner of Elections that a second voter registration challenge had been filed by a local resident. Next steps: decide when to hold a hearing and notify the voter of the hearing.
  • Reviewed CBS2 news story related to voter registration cards with inaccurate information. Inaccuracies were caused by a timing issue, i.e., voters made changes to registrations between the time we pulled the information to be printed and when the card was finally viewed by the voter.
  • Deputy Auditor received resolution from the City of Marion which legalized a 10 year tax transition for the Brookside Drive annexation that needed to be included in the Annual Tax List.
  • Reviewed a potential 20 year $40M bond issue that may be approved by the BOS for inclusion on the upcoming General Election ballot.
  • Met with Expense Reduction Analysts re payments to vendors in FY16.
  • Learned from an email exchange between the County Attorney’s Office and a local resident that I may be able to appoint a person to conduct a hearing on the first voter registration to be challenged, which was earlier cancelled due to a legal technicality.
  • Scheduled a meeting to gather information on setting up a Heroes Hotline for employees and the public to report waste, fraud, or misuse that could be audited by the Auditor’s Office per the Auditor’s authority to audit.
  • 6:30pm – Left the Auditor’s Office after awaiting the completion of the annual tax list.

Auditor’s report 7/23 – 7/28/2016

July 29, 2016
Unique or out of the ordinary events for the given time period. – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

7/23/2016 – Reviewed Central City resolution #19-2016 setting 9/13/2016 for a special election to fill the unexpired terms of former council members Andrew Palmer and David Welter.


  • Rescheduled meeting with the Hillary/Coordinated Campaign’s Voter Protection Director for 11:30am on 8/3 in my office.
  • Discussed translating How to Vote and other elections information – not forms – into Swahili and French per a request from a group of relatively new US citizens from Africa.


  • Reviewed feedback and suggestions on how to improve our ExpressVote terminals from the CompuPlace/ECCF Operations Director of the Ecumenical Community Center Foundation.
  • Contracted with Xiphos Web Marketing LLC to confirm links, intuitiveness, and ease of use on


  • Received email from Facilities Manager indicating my request to mount photos of past County Auditors in the hallway outside my office did not comply with building’s aesthetics.
  • Informed Purchasing Director that we would accept one of the surplused Options’ paper shredders in our office to eliminate a shredding service contract.
  • Requested a report from Facilities confirming who has access to the Elections Depot.
  • Reviewed an email to the County Attorney in which a resident who challenged the voter registration of a non-citizen is asking if the County Attorney is going to intervene.
  • Attended SEAT (State of Iowa Elections Administrator Training) recertification training in Coralville along with 5 permanent Election Services employees. Topics discussed: Ballot/Equipment Security & Written Procedures, Tests & Test Decks, UOCAVA, Best Practices – General Election Staffing & Training, and General Election Hot Topics.
  • Exchanged numerous emails with First Deputy Treasurer regarding reports she wants from Aumentum and/or the Auditor’s Office.
  • Seeking answers as to why NONE of the ambulance providers in Linn County are participating providers with Wellmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield. My out of pocket cost for a ride in an ambulance is more than $1,000. Do we really want County employees or County residents to tell ambulances to go away because the customers cannot afford to pay $1,000 for an ambulance ride? Asked Supervisor John Harris to make an inquiry with Area Ambulance since he is a member of their board of directors.
  • Discussed instant runoff voting with


  • Reviewed email exchange between Deputy Commissioner of Elections and a resident of Marion who is interested in amending the Charter for the City of Marion.
  • Reviewed an email exchange between a Deputy Auditor and County IT related to Aumentum – our property tax system – which failed to process a Levy Value Build. This failure obstructs our goal to provide the Tax List to the Treasurer on 8/1.
  • Directed Elections Services to reach out to a homebound voter who missed voting in the June Primary.
  • Reviewed FY2016 Fixed Asset list for Auditor’s Office.
  • Awaiting word from an assistant county attorney as to whether or not the Iowa Public Information Board is satisfied with the County’s response to a complaint.  ###

Auditor’s report 7/15 – 7/22/2016

July 22, 2016
Unique or out of the ordinary events for the given time period. – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

7/15/2016 – Vacation

7/18/2016 – Vacation


  • Received briefing from First Deputy Auditor Shoop on events/issues occurring in my absence.
  • Caught up on emails received during my absence.
  • Received phone call from Linn County GOP chair re voter data subscription.


  • Received phone call from City Attorney for Central City re council vacancies.
  • Observed Concerned Citizens of Linn County committee presenting signed petitions to the Board of Supervisors.  Petitions requested November General Election ballot question asking if the number of Supervisors should be reduced from 5 to 3.
  • Met with Mr. Rob Clark, News Editor, of The Gazette re publishing information for early voters.
  • Met with Mr. Randy Ray, Supervisor Candidate, re questions about Linn County government.
  • Met with Real Estate team re tasks to completed in order to produce the annual tax list for the Treasurer by August 1st.


  • Called attorney (paid with personal funds) to discuss letter to the County Attorney re GoFundMe account.
  • Met with Assistant County Attorney re IPIB complaint. Emailed electronic records to Stutler related to official robocalls by the Auditor’s Office.
  • Met with Deputy Auditor Stacey Law re Aumentum tax software’s inability to track TIF indebtedness as required by the Code of Iowa.
  • Met with Mr. Esaie Tongar, President of WakeUp For Your Rights re voter engagement in the African community.


  • Spoke to 20+ members of the Catholic Layman’s Club. Commented on the Auditor’s Office, Linn County government, and the upcoming presidential election.
  • Exchanged emails and talked with officials of the Office of Ombudsman for the State of Iowa re nepotism and sister-in-laws.

Auditor’s report 7/11 – 7/14/2016

July 14, 2016
Unique or out of the ordinary events for the given time period. – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor


  • Reminded the Board of Supervisors that they can change the Supervisors Representation Plan via Board resolution at any time without a vote of the people – see
  • Worked with US Cellular to get Short Code 21000 keyword “Elections” operational. Progress made, but still not 100% operational.
  • Exchanged several emails with Linn County Attorney Jerry Vander Sanden re, which was created to allow the public to contribute to a legal defense fund to Save The (Linn County, Iowa) Auditor’s Office when it was under attack by the Board of Supervisors. I do not anticipate the Supervisors will try to further dismantle the Auditor’s Office in an election year.


  • Opened work order with I-Wireless to get Short Code 21000 operational after asking I-Wireless sales representative at Lindale Mall to test it. Initial test failed. Note: Short Code 21000 is 100% operational on the Sprint and Verizon networks.
  • Advised by Assistant County Attorney Jarvis that ACA Epp will be representing me re the IPIB complaint filed by Stutler.
  • Learned that nepotism complaint #1 was added to the Board’s agenda for July 13th without my knowledge.
  • Confirmed a request by the Sheriff’s Office to NOT continue the Novatime employee time tracking rollout to any additional employees in the SO until November 2016.
  • Attended welcome reception at ISACA (Iowa State Associate of County Auditors) Summer Conference in West Des Moines.


  • Attended ISACA Conference seminars on:  Ethics in Elections, Primary Election Recap, Safe at Home, Legislative Update, On-Line Voter Registration, and Recent Court Cases.
  • Spoke at Iowa Conservative Union’s Open Carry meeting at Godfather’s Pizza. Provided handouts on poll watching, collected absentee ballot request forms, encouraged attendees to become PEOs, and answered elections related questions.
  • Interviewed by Mitchell Schmidt of The Gazette re nepotism complaint #1. Story published 


  • Attended Metro North Rotary’s weekly meeting.
  • Attended Project Labor Agreement seminar and discussion hosted by the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Building Trades Council.  
  • Nepotism case #1 story appeared in paper edition of The Gazette.
  • Addressed nepotism case #2 with County Attorney. Awaiting his response.  Spoke to Supervisor Rogers and Harris about my findings.  ###

Auditor’s report 7/6 – 7/8/2016

July 11, 2016
Unique or out of the ordinary events for the given time period. – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor


  • Received email from constituent requesting that I get involved in pushing for Instant Runoff Voting (IRV)


  • Provided Hiawatha City Administrator with fact sheet based upon Budget Director’s input indicating the Sheriff’s actual costs for Patrol Services.  Compared those costs to what the Sheriff is charging 11 cities for patrol services. Subsidy by County to those 11 cities will be $379K in FY17.
  • 10:44am – 6th email reply to Mr. Joe Stutler re his public records request.
  • Requested public records from the County Attorney’s Office re nepotism complaint #1.
  • 11:05am – 7th email reply to Stutler re his public records request.
  • 11:06am – 8th email reply to Stutler re his public records request.
  • 12:13pm – Received copy of complaint filed by Stutler against the Office of Linn County Auditor with the Iowa Public Information Board (IPIB) re his public records request.
  • Reviewed end of Fiscal Year 2016 expenditures. Under spent FY16 appropriations by $235K. Some would say that’s poor budgeting; others would say that’s being fiscally conservative. I say we spent what was required and returned the remainder to the taxpayers.
  • 2:44pm – 9th email reply to Stutler re his public records request and IPIB complaint.
  • Requested feedback from the County Attorney re nepotism complaint #2.
  • Blind copied on an email in which a County Supervisor told a constituent “please don’t contact me again.  I find you unstable”. Not exactly what you would expect a Supervisor to write after Supervisor Rogers’s guest column titled: Linn County is focusing on customers.
  • Formally requested that the Office of Linn County Attorney represent the Auditor’s Office re the IPIB complaint.


  • Attended NewBo Open Coffee Club meetup at Brewhemia. Asked attendees for feedback on how to increase voter turnout.
  • Issued directive to Accounting Services to NOT pay clothing allowance claims in the future based upon conclusions by the Finance Director and County Auditor that clothing allowances for civilian employees were inappropriate because they were not authorized by statute or Board policy. Probably the first time the Finance Director and I have agreed upon anything in the past few years.
  • Linn County Attorney finally answered question re nepotism complaint #2.
  • +Deputy Auditor Box provided Stutler with 126 pages of public records selected by Stutler in under 15 minutes.  Cost was $7.00.
+ Added after 7/11/2016  ###

Auditor’s report 6/27 – 7/5/2016

July 6, 2016

Note: The Auditor’s Calendar is being changed to the Auditor’s Report as of 7/6/2016. Report will contain unique or out of the ordinary events for the given time period. – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor


  • Attended funeral of employee’s relative.
  • Supervisor John Harris requested estimate on Linn County’s voter turnout for the November General Election. Estimate: 78%
  • Reviewed Code of Iowa to determine number of signatures required for petition to change Linn County government, i.e., reduce the number of supervisors from five to three. Answer: 8,633


  • Requested actual hourly cost of patrol services provided to several Linn County cities by the Sheriff. Answer per Budget Director: $65.41
  • Weekly Good to Great discussion with direct reports.
  • Replied to Mr. Joe Stutler’s second email related to his FOIA (freedom of information act aka public records request). Initial public records request received on Sunday, 6/19/2016.


  • Presented letter to Board of Supervisors re Sheriff authorized Clothing Allowances.
  • Cancelled Voter Registration Challenge Hearing after being advised by Linn County Attorney’s Office that I needed to recuse myself. Interviewed by KCRG and story can be viewed here.
  • Replied to another email from Stutler re his public records request.


  • Linn County businessman requested assistance in printing 81 page document stored on Recorder’s web site. Ultimately, Supervisor Ben Rogers ended up printing and delivering the document to the businessman. Kudos to Rogers for GREAT customer service!
  • Meeting with Supervisor Amy Johnson re overview of the Auditor’s Office.
  • 3pm – Replied to another email from Stutler re his public records request.
  • 6pm – Replied to another email from Stutler re his public records request.


  • Replied to another email from Stutler re his public records request.
  • 9am – Public records requested by Stutler, i.e., 642+ pages are awaiting him. Estimated man-hours consumed reviewing and preparing records per Stutler’s request: 10. As of 7/6/2016 (5pm), neither Stutler nor his agent has appeared at the Auditor’s Office to examine the records or pick them up.

7/4/2016 – Linn County offices closed for the 4th of July holiday.


  • Completed initial line item review of County’s expenditures, which is how I discovered clothing allowance being given to civilian manager in Sheriff’s Office – see 6/29 entry above.
  • Accepted invitation of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City Building & Construction Trades Council to attend a two hour seminar on Project Labor Agreements on July 14th.

Auditor’s calendar 6/20 – 6/26/2016

June 23, 2016
Note: Public schedule of Auditor’s unique or out of the ordinary events. Check back on 6/28/2016 for updates on what events actually occurred during this time frame.

Monday, June 20th – Vacation

Tuesday, June 21st – Vacation

Thursday, June 23rd – 10am – Noon – Attended real estate & retirement planning forum with about 35 local residents. 2pm-3pm – Meeting with Supervisor Amy Johnson – cancelled by her.

Friday, June 24th – Vacation – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

+Added after 6/23/2016


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