I’ve never taken a bus to work … until today

Tonight, I’m driving a county vehicle to Clear Lake to attend an Iowa State Association of County Auditors’ summer conference. I’ve been driving my motorcycle to work (my Ford Winstar was totaled in the flood) and I didn’t want to leave it overnight in the parking lot. I’ve never taken a bus to work … until today.

In anticipation of the bus ride taking some time, I did my work email from my home office before leaving. I also took some time to determine where I could park my motorcycle relative to a bus stop. I live in Robins and there are no bus stops in Robins – big surprise.

I decided to board the bus near the HyVee Drugstore at Boyson and C Avenue NE. The bus was suppose to arrive at 9:39am and sure enough, it arrived on-time. That was a good first impression. I was passenger #10. So much for those rumors about empty buses.

The bus headed for Lindale Mall. Someone got off by TJ Max and then again at HyVee (and someone got on) and again at the Mall (and someone got on) and then we headed down First Avenue West. We made a few stops in between and arrived at the makeshift terminal by the African American Museum at 10:10am – on-time again.

I had no idea how to get to Westdale Mall so I walked over to where some drivers had gathered and asked them. One of them advised me to take bus #10 or #12; however, the air conditioning was not working on #10 so #12 would be a better choice. Of course, I took #12 as the humidity was already getting thick this morning.

At 10:50am, bus #12 took off – again on-time. I was passenger #17 and the air conditioning was working great. We headed down a couple of streets I don’t drive much – 6th ST & 21st AVE and 29th ST & Van Buren. The ride was uneventful – some passengers got on and some got off – but we were never empty or full. And we arrived at Westdale on-time at 11:25am.

If I had it to do over, I would have taken the bus on Route #3 or #6. My layover at the terminal would have been about 10 minutes instead of 40 minutes. And I would have gotten off the bus on Wiley BLVD next to Westdale Mall instead of riding the bus to the Mall’s entrance, which would have saved another 10 minutes.

Overall, it was a great first experience. And it was free….

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