County elected officials’ cash on hand

Most elected officials will tell you they hate asking for money for their election or re-election campaigns.  Based on reports filed with the Iowa Ethics & Campaign Disclosure Board some of my peers have overcome their hate of “the ask”.

Cash on hand according to the 1-19-2011 reports:

$50,106.67 – Supervisor Oleson

$16,925.42 – Supervisor Barron

$10,478.91 – Sheriff Gardner

$8,806.73 – Supervisor Langston

$3,603.43 – Supervisor Harris

$2,870.44 – Supervisor Rogers

$1,599.66 – Recorder McCalmant

$1,380.59 – Treasurer Gonzalez

$343.69 – Auditor Miller

$0.00 – Attorney Vander Sanden

Mr. Vander Sanden avoided “the ask” by doing the unthinkable – he didn’t form a campaign committee (or if he did, it didn’t need to file a report).  Not too many candidates try that strategy … even if they don’t have opponents.  Hats off to Jerry!


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