How to fill out an ABRF (Spanish instructions)

Anyone following Iowa’s general elections has certainly observed the increased use of absentee ballots (aka early voting) starting with the 2000 presidential election through today.  For the 2016 presidential election, Linn County Election Services is preparing for the possibility that one-half of the County’s registered voters may vote PRIOR to election day.

One proposal being touted by me and other county commissioners of elections (aka county auditors) is to allow for permanent absentee ballot requests to remain on file so voters would not have to submit a request for each upcoming election.  That simple change in election law would give county commissioners the data they need to lower the cost of elections on election day, e.g., by reducing the number of employees at each polling place and by reducing the number of paper ballots being printed.  More on this proposal at a later date.

The following Spanish language video was created to aid those citizens who are more fluent in Spanish than in English in filling out an Iowa Absentee Ballot Request Form (ABRF).  Comments or inquiries should be addressed to Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor.


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