Joel D. Miller currently serves as Linn County Auditor.  He was first elected in February 2007, re-elected in November 2008, and re-elected in November 2012.  His LinkedIn profile is here.

Why Twitter why blog?  In 2007, I explained my decision to use social media to inform the public.  Years later, Election Services, a division of the Auditor’s Office, adopted the motto:  Get Registered, Get Informed, and Get Voting.  If you’re reading this blog, you’re getting informed.

Why use a Flood photo for the banner on this blog?  The Cedar River’s flood waters crested on 6/13/2008.  The photo shows flood waters surrounding the Linn County Public Service Center formerly known as the Administrative Office Building (AOB).  This photo is a reminder of what occurred and what could happen again if the County and City do not turn words into actions to prevent future flooding in Downtown Cedar Rapids.

Blog founded July 19, 2007.

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