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Octogenarians beating 18-49 year olds

June 1, 2018

The eighty year olds are beating the 18 year olds, the 25 year olds, the 35 year olds, and the 49 year olds. Where? At the early (absentee) voting ballot box. Why?

I certainly hope election day turnout among the 18-49 year olds overwhelms the 80 year olds and over age group by the time voting ceases on election day. But what if it does not? What is the message?

I do not understand why non-voters are unable or unwilling to draw a direct connection between some of the things that are happening to them in life, and the candidates who run for office, and the candidates who get elected to office? I know non-voters have their reasons – I conducted a survey in 2010. But are their reasons fact or fiction?

If you already voted or plan to vote on June 5th, take some time over the weekend to talk to someone who never votes or infrequently votes about the importance of voting. They may not want to vote in the primary election, but that gives you a reason to continue the conversation until the general election. Friends should not let friends get away with not voting. – Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

Early Voting Demographic Groups by Gender by Party as of 6-1-2018


Early voting in Linn County – nothing to get excited about

May 14, 2018

Early (absentee) voting in Linn County does not appear to be setting any records with three weeks to go until the June 5th primary election. As usual, the 50 and older voters are the most active – see attachments.

You can find other statistics on the upcoming primary and other elections at

Think about where you are going to be on June 5th. Think about the condition of your health. Think about whether you have an ID that you can present at the polls. And consider if early voting might be in your best interests. Hopefully, I will see you at the polls! Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor




NEWS RELEASE: Linn County Accepting Applications for Economic Development Funds

May 11, 2018


May 11, 2018

For more information, contact:

Joi Alexander

Communications Director

(319) 892-5118


Linn County Accepting Applications for Economic Development Funds

LINN COUNTY, IA – May 11, 2018 – The Linn County Board of Supervisors is now accepting applications from organizations seeking economic development funding from Linn County. The economic development fund is used to enhance the quality of life throughout Linn County by fostering and supporting economic growth.

This is a competitive grant process open to organizations located in Linn County or that have a branch location in Linn County. This year $140,000 is available. Grant funds must be used for projects or programs that benefit Linn County residents. Preferred applications will be for projects/programs that accomplish the following:

· Promote economic growth for Linn County

· Demonstrate return on investment dollars

· Do not duplicate current economic development initiatives

· Demonstrate a sustainability plan for project continuation beyond Linn County funding

The application deadline is Friday, June 29, 2018 at 4 p.m. Application information can be found on Linn County’s website


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