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Qualifications to run for county supervisor

December 12, 2017

Now that the supervisor districts have been approved for Linn County (see previous post), it’s time for prospective candidates to review the map and reflect on whether the time is right for them to run for county supervisor. Per the attachment, the qualifications for Linn county supervisor candidates are:

1> Citizen at the time of the election. [§39.26];

2> Iowa resident at the time of the election. Registered voter of the county/supervisor district when sworn in;

3> 18 at the time of the election. [§39.26]; and

4> At least 150 nomination signatures or 1% of registered voters in the supervisor district as of July 1 of previous year.

Qualification #2 is intriguing because we have had candidates in recent elections who resided outside the supervisor district they would ultimately represent. Those candidates were not elected, but had they won, they would have needed to register to vote inside the supervisor district they were elected to represent. I wonder if any candidate residing in one supervisor district will run in another supervisor district in the 2018 election cycle?

I was talking with a well-known Linn County resident last night and I encouraged him to seek political office – not just because he was well-known, but because he’s highly educated, has excellent job experience, and is a great communicator. He said to me that he did too many wild things when he was young and that he would never be elected because of them. I suggested to him that if you have to be a perfect person to be elected to office, then no one would be in office. Think about it! -Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

Candidate qualifications guide.pdf


Supervisor redistricting plan approved by LSA

December 11, 2017

The Gazette reported on Friday, December 8th, that the Supervisor redistricting plan for Linn County was approved by the Legislative Services Agency. The official letter from the LSA, as well as, the official map of the districts is attached.

Prospective candidates for county supervisor should confirm which district they reside in or plan to reside in if elected before circulating nomination papers as those papers need to be signed by the residents of the district in order to be valid. And one detail that needs to be resolved is which district’s winning candidate will initially serve a two-year term versus the other two winners serving four year terms. Enjoy! -Joel D. Miller – Linn County Auditor

LSA Review Approved.pdf

NEWS RELEASE: Cedar Rapids Run-off Election & E-signature Absentee Ballot Requests

December 5, 2017


December 5, 2017


Becky Stonawski

Deputy Commissioner of Elections

(319) 892-5300, ext. 1


E-signature Absentee Ballot Requests

Cedar Rapids Run-off Election

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA – December 5, 2017 – The City of Cedar Rapids Run-Off election is taking place today. Polls close at 8 p.m. This release regards e-signature absentee ballot requests.

E-signature Documents:

Starting with this election, Auditor Joel Miller commissioned an e-fillable absentee ballot request form that voters could fill out online. After submission, voters were mailed another absentee request form to sign with wet ink, which is required by Iowa law, and a ballot in separate envelopes.

Fifty two (52) e-filled documents were submitted for the Cedar Rapids Run-Off election, and six (6) other people submitted absentee ballot requests via email, fax, or other means than a traditional wet signature. Out of those 58 ballots, 23 were held aside today for review as they lacked a wet ink signature, which needed to be submitted by Friday, December 1.

The ASVP (Absentee and Special Voter Precinct Board), a citizen board equally divided between Republicans and Democrats charged with counting absentee ballots, was presented with this situation to review. This board, rather than the auditor or election staff, makes final decisions as to when ballots should be counted.

The ASVP board decided that the 23 voters should be contacted and given the opportunity to come to the Linn County Elections office at 935 2nd St SW, Cedar Rapids prior to 8 p.m. today, Tuesday, December 5. They would be given the opportunity to sign the absentee request form again and have their ballot counted for this election.

At least one person has come to the Linn County Public Service Center today to physically sign another absentee request form with a wet signature.

If a voter believes his/her ballot may be one of those involved, we urge them to contact the Linn County Election office at 319-892-5300.

Further Information on Today’s Election: To find your polling location, go to

Dates & Deadlines

12/01/2017 Last Day to Request an Absentee Ballot to be Mailed
12/04/2017 Last Day to Vote Absentee (Auditor’s Office)
12/05/2017 Election Day
12/7/2017 ASVP Board May Reconvene at Noon
12/12/2017 Canvass of Votes for Cedar Rapids (Tuesday after the Election)
12/14/2017 Deadline to Request a Recount

For questions regarding this election, call the Linn County Election Services Office at (319) 892-5300, ext. 1 or email elections.


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